Pot Grinder - Top 3 ReviewsGetting the best herb grinder shouldn’t that be difficult when you thoroughly look and study each brand and what suit you. Using herbs is essential especially for medical related purposes. You want all the enzymes to be crushed down so every tiny bit of pieces of your bud will be able to extract its best parts. Not only you’d want your material to be cut down to wee beautiful pieces, but you also want an herb grinder to be able to shred and do its work for a long time without breaking down. So these are your important factors to consider before buying the best herb grinder for you.

One type of an herb grinder is a two piece material. Basically, this crusher only has 2 compartments, one is for the placing of the herbs and second part is where the crushed herbs slid to. SPACE CASE Grinder Magnetic is a two piece herb grinder made from titanium. The titanium material used for this pot grinder is non stick and uses a process so called aluminum anodizing. Aluminum anodizing is used to thicken the metal layers of the grinder hence making more durable and more resistant to damages. The more durable your grinder is, the longer and effective you can use it.

If you can find a 2 piece grinder, you can also find a 3 piece of it. Aluminum 3 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Revolver Bullet Grinder is sold online by CZ-Sky. This 3 piece grinder is designed like a gun’s revolver which makes grinding more fun. The top most part of this herb grinder is where you’ll do the twists and turns. The middle part has a screen and the third part catches your grinded herb which serves as your storage. You can grind and stack up about 2 grams into this Revolver Bullet Grinder although some people find the grind result a bit too fine.
Lastly, a review for a 4 piece grinder called Santa Cruz Shredder. Like Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder also uses anodized aluminum so expect that the material is durable and can stand against damages for a good time. The top most part which has the teeth cut and shred the weed into good tiny pieces in both ways as it was designed. It’s also designed to be twisted easily especially for people who suffer from wrist pains. There isn’t too many waste to throw away as it could catch and save every piece you intend to grind and use.
Herb grinders’ users can pick whatever they want as they have their own preference. Some would rather have the two piece as it can be light weighted. Although 3 piece and the 4 piece grinders are still handy, the materials used are made sure to help users twist and grind without exerting too much effort. The important factors to select the herb grinder that is best for you is to know what you need first. Don’t buy cheap plastic products as the results always turn out to be pretty bad.