band sawsThe band saw is a machine that utilizes a blade that consists of a band of toothed metal that rotates on the opposing wheels in order to cut the material. They are highly used in lumbering, metalworking and woodworking, but there are other materials that it can cut with. The advantages, according to of using this machine includes the uniform cutting which is the result of the even distributed tooth load. It even has the ability to cut curved and irregular shapes like that of a jigsaw puzzle. Most of the band saws come in two wheels that are connected with a chain or belt that rotates on the same plane, one that is powered.

But did you know that there are things that people did not tell you about working with a band saw? Here are 7 of these things that you might have not known before.

  • Band saws are highly used in woodworking, but they are also used in metalworking and even cutting meat. The ones that are used for cutting meat uses stainless steel that comes in easy cleaning features. Its blades are either made with scalloped edges, plain or heat treated tips. As with metal cutting, it comes in horizontal or vertical designs. For timber cutting, this work makes use of very huge band saws in order to rip through lumber. This machine is preferred over the circular saws when it comes to ripping because it is able to accommodate timber in large diameter and its smaller cut size, thus resulting into less waste.

  • What can a woodworker do with having a good band saw? Some experts point out at the resaw feature. This actually means that sawing the board through its width. It is just like cutting through a long roll in order to open up for the sub sandwich.

  • You can also reset the board’s edge when using the band saw machine. Instead of just accepting the board’s edge as it came from the mill, it is oftentimes better to re-cut the material’s edge to more gracefully align its figure together with its length. An example for this is probably prepping multiple boards for putting it up on the tabletop, wherein you want its figure get coordinated among the other boards.

  • To gain further control of the figure and grain of the wood, you need to reset the face of the board. Sounds difficult? An example of this would be involving a very sophisticated project, wherein it involves maximizing the wood’s ray figure into certain species. And this is done by sawing in order to reorient the board’s face to its annual rings. The band saw is an excellent kind of sawing for this case, which elevates the quality of the work far more than ordinary.

  • There are various design possibilities when you use the band saw in working with thick veneer. The board is then sawed into multiple thin slices in which it can then be utilized for matched set pieces, like for curved doors or the front faces of a drawer.

  • The band saw is considered the most practical machine in sawing thin laminates which composes bent lamination. This is a technique that can expand the design into different possibilities. Just like working with veneer, the laminates are then sawed in successive manner from thick boards like it was done in making ash laminates. Each of them gets glued together in order to produce its curved part in the furniture.

  • Lastly, it is about processing small logs. If you have a band saw at home or at your little workshop, it can be used as your own mini mill in order to cut through small logs, like those that you see at your backyard. This can be very exciting and fun way in discovering the treasures of nature that you can’t find anywhere else.